Panafrican Online University on Sustainable Development

Education is a fundamental right and the foundation of progress in all countries. Everyone has the right to education regardless of their skin color, origin and culture. Education one of the keys to development. Successful countries depend on a skilled and educated workforce to face the challenges they face.

Our vision

By 2030, by building on Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICT), the Pan African Online University for Sustainable Development is a signicant actor in training on desertification, land degradation, drought and sustainable development contributing signicantly to the emergence of a youth class worldwide known as the solution to the challenge the continent and the world face.

Learn sustainable development

We promote access to reatest number of young people and women of resources produced in institutions, to make a signicant contribution to the transfer of research results and training in the eld of desertication, land degradation, drought and sustainable development in Africa. We contribute to the development of new educational resources exploitable by the largest number of its members;

Facilitate the exchange of experiences and research

We generate knowledge and skills by facilitating the exchange of experiences as well as partnerships for co-production and co-exploitation of resources. We also contribute to the emergence and structuring of a eld and an innovative pedagogy, particularly through the link Training – Research and actions on the themes related to desertication, land degradation, drought and sustainable development in Africa

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